Excuses for failure (of the list)

I found if I’ve ever tried to make a blog before, the hardest part was always the follow-up album (the 2nd post). It seems simple enough to comment on my achievements and rousing successes, but I feel it wouldn’t be a fair assessment of the difficulty it’ll take to accomplish.

So, I thought why not lower the mood by adding some objectively depressing obstacles. Or ‘excuses for failure’.

Anxiety is the main one, sometimes its difficult to leave the house to go to the shops. Sometimes going outside to do anything is a struggle. But I’m less accepting this as an issue than something to be worked around.

I can go for runs (fat exposed to the world and all) and I can go to work, but going to the barbers causes a breakdown. It’s all irrational and frustrating and it never truly leaves you no matter what you do, so you have to work around it. The trick here is to go for a run and get showered quickly enough to get to the hairdressers before the adrenaline stops and all those lovely feelings kick back in again.

Accepting my endless flaws I feel, is the way around my 30s, the pretending my quirks and my ‘issues’ will go and leave me in a spiritually enlightened place is gone. From now on the enjoyably cruel cold facts of life will see me through, in that ever embracing way that they do.

Well, now I’ve cheered myself and everyone else up it’s time for a tea.


Starting out (again)

Turning 30 is like turning 20 but without the optimism. At 40 you feel you should have your life together, so now, if like me your 20s weren’t put to good use, your lucky enough to have everything you ever wanted to achieve scaled down to a 10 year period.

No pressure..

Im 30 in a month, so now seems the opportune time to set out a small list of things I want to accomplish.

1: Have a proper savings account (I opened one with a pound the other day, so I’m already ahead of myself)

2: Run a successful half a marathon

3: Make the time to teach myself new things, basic computer skills a new language.

4: Get a new job.

5: Advanced washing (duvets and such, didn’t see that being so difficult when I was a kid)

6: Get back into reading

7: Finally make a new YouTube channel.

I think that’s probably enough, for anyone else in a similar position I hope you enjoy your crash course into adulthood as much as I do.

The joy of being as incredibly overwhelmed and depressed as i’m sure this decade will make me is almost uncontainable.